Posted: January 1, 1970

Yr9 enjoyed the thrills and spills in a virtually empty Thorpe Park on Friday 28th April.

Four classes currently studying physics got to go “back stage” to the Trills Workshop to learn about the physics behind Swam, the UK’s first hanging roller coaster. Students learnt about how the ride was created, its building and running costs, how it was installed and how it is maintained for safety, as well as the key physics forces involved in the ride. These forces are key topics at KS4 and feature in the required practical's of the new GCSE syllabus.

A quiet M25 meant we arrived bright and early and the students had all day to play in the park before the  hour lesson at 3:30pm, just before home time. The weather was overcast but the sun did make an appearance briefly. A good time was had by all and the only injury was Alannah Hughes and her torn finger nail. Science staff are hoping to work closely with the Education Officer, James Fuller to plan further trips this year.