Posted: January 1, 1970

Last year we had just over 50 students attend. This year it went up to 85.

The standard as always was somewhat variable with everything from weak beginners to strong players with high ECF grades. As there were so many students it was quite easy to split them into five groups -  U7/U8, U9. U10/U11, U12/U13 and U14 to U18.

There were some irritating good players who are only seven years old!

We had a very wide range of schools represented including players from Sevenoaks, Selling, London and many from within a fifteen mile radius. The UK Chess Challenge is under new management this year, and Sarah Hegarty (the new director) made an appearance. She went away very impressed by what she saw and how we do it. I must give a  massive thank you to Richard Hogben, Julie Platts, the caretaking team, the restaurant team and Network Services for making all this possible.

The competition works by age, with boys and girls treated separately. Overall, there are 24 sections of which 22 were represented on Sunday. To progress to the Gigafinal at Twickenham in late July, all they had to do was win their section or get 3.5+ points out of the 6 available.  So how did our students do? –


U12 G Yashita Kasina 2 point Section winner and qualifier
U12 B Luke Todd 1 point  
13 G Chloe Bird      3 points Section winner and qualifier
13 B Ethan Knight 3 points  
U15 G Louise Mackie 3 points Section winner and qualifier
U16 G

Ryan Macey

Cody Read    

3.5 points

2 points

Section winner and qualifier
U17 G Ellie Pike 2.5 points Section winner and qualifier
U18 B Jonathan Gothard 2 points Section winner and qualifier


Ex-student Tom Chisnell playing in the U17B got 4 points and was also a qualifier.

So now we prepare for Twickenham on the weekend we break up for the summer holiday. Watch this space!


Mark Towlson

STS Chess Club

UKCC Megafinal Organiser