Posted: January 1, 1970

On  (Sunday 16th July) I  persuaded a few of our students to take part in the annual Woodnesborough Junior Chess Tournament. Okay, the secondary students were vastly outnumbered by the primary students, but as I know to my own cost age is no barrier in this game.

The event went reasonably well with our students playing the stronger primary students and the other secondary ones. Dover Girls, St Anselms and Langton Boys were also represented. 

Out of the 5 games, our scores were:

Chloe Bird (Y8) : 3 (Best under 14)

Louise Mackie (Y10) : 2

Ryan Macey (Y11) : 3.5 (Best under 18)

The overall winner was (amazingly!!) only 8 years old. This student from Blean Primary defeated all-comers and got 5 points.

Anyway, next Sunday (23rd) is the Southern Final of the UK Chess Challenge which this year is being held in Twickenham. The three students named above along with Ellie Pike (Y12) will fly our flag.

Mr Towlson