Posted: January 1, 1970


Fundraising event for Xavier  on Sunday 20th May 11am – 1pm

Sandwich Technology School

Tropic Skincare; Craft table; Raffle; Refreshments and Cakes

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Our gorgeous Grandson Xavier was born on 25th February 2016 after a normal pregnancy and having been a perfectly healthy baby in the womb. However mistakes were made during his birth which resulted in oxygen starvation, resuscitation took 19 minutes. During the birth process Xavi’s skull was fractured and this led to bleeds on the brain which left him with permanent brain damage. At this point Xavi was not expected to survive and the following six weeks were indescribable for his parents Mark and Sian. At that time he was also having multiple seizures.  Xavi has now been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, developmental delay, epilepsy and feeding problems, is fed through a peg in his tummy.

Xavi is nothing if not a fighter and has shown us that he is not going to be beaten.

His parents and sister have had to adapt to life with their lovely boy who takes up all their energy. However they have thrown themselves into making sure he has everything that will help him achieve his potential. Xavi has a hyperbaric oxygen chamber in his bedroom which is used for at least one hour every day, various physiotherapy and working on Makaton signing. Life is very busy in their little house. They have spent every spare minute researching possible treatments which will be benefit Xavi. At present we are all awaiting a date for him to begin stem cell treatment in America, most of which has been funded through the generosity of family, friends and indeed strangers. Following this treatment Xavi will require privately funded speech therapy, physiotherapists etc hence the fundraising is ongoing.

Please be assured that everything raised by today’s event will be used entirely for Xavi’s needs.

If you would like anymore info on Xavi please feel free to approach me at the craft stall.

Many thanks for coming along to support Xavi.


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