Posted: January 1, 1970


Feedback from students of the Work Related Learning Day July 2018

Aim of the Work Related Learning Day:

The Year 10 students of Sandwich Technology School attended a work related learning day on 23rd July 2018, which forms part of the extensive careers education curriculum at the school.   Students participated in interactive activities with local companies and training providers from 17 different industries (see attached excel sheet) which enabled them to find out, first hand, more about a career they may already have been interested in as well as discover careers they didn’t know existed.  They gained an understanding of the skills and knowledge needed for each role and learnt more about qualifications and routes to achieve their dream job.    This annual event not only brings to life careers but raises aspirations and broadens horizons, as well strengthens relationships between Sandwich Technology School and local employers.  It was an inspirational, aspirational and overall exciting day.

A second day enabled students to learn from colleges, the 6th form and an apprenticeship advisor about available post 16 qualifications.  Students investigated careers using a careers quiz website, informed the school of ideas they have for their future, learnt the process of applying for post 16 courses and also provided feedback on the work related learning day.


We received 149 responses to the survey and, according to these, the work related learning day was very successful. Please see the additional word document for charts and more information but key points of the feedback are as follows:

  • 83% of students found the day to be useful, very useful or extremely useful
  • 87% of students found the day  to be interesting, very interesting or extremely interesting
  • 83% of students found the day to be  enjoyable, very enjoyable or highly enjoyable
  • 73% of the students felt that they came away from the day with more or a lot more career ideas than before with only 14% stating they came away with no more ideas
  • 83% felt that attending the day was worth attending, really worth attending or definitely worth attending
  • 89% rated the day as good, very good and excellent, with 60% rating it very good and excellent

Written feedback:

1)      Students were asked what the best thing about the day was.  There were many answers and particular companies and activities were mentioned, according to personal interest.  More generic feedback included:

  • “I liked the different activities that gave me the chance to know more about what happens in each company”
  • “the different types of careers there were”
  • “interactive activities led by the different careers”
  • “being able to get involved in the activities”
  • “learning that there are different ways I can achieve my 'dream' job”
  • “seeing different careers that I haven’t thought about before”
  • “experiencing new things”
  • “the interaction”
  • “meeting and talking to people about my chosen careers and developing more useful information about my chosen topic”

2)    Students were asked what the least beneficial part of the day was.  Inevitably, they did comment that they were not interested in particular industries although one student did recognize that, although there were jobs he/she would not want to do, “it was still interesting finding out about different careers.”  Other comments included:

  • “Not getting to do every activity”
  • “I think we should have chosen which ones to go to because I wasn’t interested in a few of them”
  • “you didn’t have enough time to go into depth”
  • “I didn’t have any related to what i would like to go in to”

3)    Students were asked what ideas or suggestions they had to improve the day.  Many students stated that they wish they could have chosen the activities they attended.  This is understandable, however, an aim of the day was for them to find out about other careers, even those they were not interested in pursuing.  Other comments included:

  • “Make sure we can do all the activities on the day because we could've missed something that we would have wanted to do”
  • “more time to do more activities”
  • “more options and allow students to go to which ones relate to them”
  • “have a wider range of jobs”
  • “make the sessions longer so that you can find out more about them”


149 responses received



Scale – Not useful at all - 1 2 3 4 5 - Very useful


Scale – Not interesting at all - 1  2  3  4  5 - Extremely interesting


Scale – Not at all enjoyable -1 2 3 4 5 - Highly enjoyable




Scale – No more ideas - 1 2 3 4 5 - A lot more careers ideas


Scale – I’d rather have been in lessons - 1 2 3 4 5 - It was definitely worth attending


Scale – Poor - 1 2 3 4 5 - Excellent