Progress and AttainmentPosted: October 18, 2019

Progress and Attainment

The Government’s performance tables for schools – released this week – have revealed that, amongst all of the non-selective schools within a radius of approximately 15 miles, Sandwich Technology School has made the biggest improvement in terms of both Attainment and Progress for GCSE results from 2018 to 2019.  This includes all non-selective schools in Dover, Deal, Sandwich, Thanet, Herne Bay and Canterbury.


Progress 8 and Attainment 8 are two major measures by which the Government assesses school outcomes.  Progress 8 is designed to show how much progress the students of a school, on average, make according to their academic starting points (ability).  Sandwich Technology School’s Progress 8 figure improved by 0.19 from last year to this; conversely, on average, the other 15 schools in the area saw their Progress 8 figure drop by 0.189.  Attainment 8, on the other hand, is designed to show what a school’s students, on average, achieve.  Sandwich Technology school’s Attainment 8 figure improved by 1.9, where, again, the average change for the other 15 non-selective schools was a reduction of 0.89.


Earlier this year Ofsted said “Leaders are highly ambitious for the school. They are determined to keep the school moving rapidly on its improvement journey.” This performance data demonstrates that Ofsted’s confidence in the team was well-founded.


“We are really pleased with the improvements we are making.” said Tracey Savage, Headteacher.  “While we are not yet satisfied and believe that our students can do even better, these results, which seem to buck the trend experienced by other local non-selective schools, show that our no nonsense approach in the classroom and focus on a traditional broad and balanced curriculum are having an impact”.


Maria Stone, Head of Sixth Form added “I have no doubt that these improvements are the reason why our Sixth Form is also going from strength to strength, both in terms of results and the number of students who are choosing to study within the Sandwich Technology school Sixth Form”.