The school uniform enables students to feel part of our learning community. Students are expected to wear their uniform with pride at all times.

The uniform requirements are intended to be simple straightforward and sensible. Parents are asked to ensure that their children keep strictly to the listed items and inform the school via either the form tutor, or college manager if problems arise. Parents are requested to also ensure that all items of school uniform are clearly labeled with your child's name.

Please view the below ‘student dress code’ document in order to see the required standard of uniform our students should adhere to:

Student dress code

Sandwich Technology School are delighted to be working with The School Uniform Specialists who have now taken ownership of our school uniform. Uniform is now only available to purchase via their online shop and not in school. Click on the link below to browse the shop and select a delivery option. You will need the Sandwich Technology School password in order to view our catalogue; the password is SAN501. The first time you enter the site, you will need to register your details.


Every student has received a copy of the following letter explaining the change in uniform circumstances:

School Uniform requirements as of 6th September 2016 for year 7 to 11

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

As you are aware the staff at Sandwich Technology School have been working hard to ensure students are dressed in the correct uniform particularly since last September. Unfortunately there are still too many students that consistently wear incorrect uniform to school. In the past I have put clear guidelines in place as to what is acceptable and what isn’t but these guidelines have been abused by a lot of students. However, I also believe that the current uniform has a degree of ambiguity which has made the purchasing of correct uniform difficult for parents.

There was a consultation period where we welcomed the opinions of parents, staff, school Governors and students. I am grateful for the responses that I received and after careful consideration a final decision has been reached on what to do to ensure the students are wearing the correct uniform.

Many aspects will remain the same such as the everyday polo tops, jumpers, PE shirts and black shoes that are made from leather or leather type material. However, we will be introducing standard boys and girls trousers and a girls skirt all including the embroidered STS logo. From September these items will be compulsory for every student in year 7 to 11. The school coat will no longer be a compulsory item from September (although still available to purchase), however if students wish to wear a coat to school, it will have to be plain black.

To ensure that all current students are able to conform to this in September, every student in the current year 7 to 10 will receive one free pair of trousers or a skirt in time for the new academic year.

Sandwich Technology School are delighted to be working with The School Uniform Specialists who have now taken ownership of our school uniform. The uniform will only be available to purchase through The School Uniform Specialists online shop (a link to this can be found on our school website very soon). However, there will be one day in September where The School Uniform Specialists will be holding a uniform selling event in school for those that wish to attend. Details of this event will be posted on the school website in the summer.

I agree with the many parents who suggested that the introduction of these new items will solve many conflicts and also eliminates any remaining ambiguity.

As always, no fashion garments should be brought into school. Hats and scarfs should not be worn inside school buildings and coats should be removed in classrooms. Any make-up should be discreet. Jewellery is NOT allowed for Health & Safety reasons except a plain single stud for pierced ears. No other form of piercing is permitted. Hair should be in natural colours and in simple hair styles. Long hair should be tied back. Extraordinary hair styles including shaving patterns are unacceptable. In addition, between now and the end of this school year, all students are expected to continue to wear correct uniform smartly.

Parents are asked to write an explanatory note should there be an occasion when a child has to attend school without the correct dress.


Students who fail to comply with these rules can expect to be sanctioned.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Savage