Dionne Hawkins

Dionne Hawkins

Staff Governor

Member of the Resources Team

I have always lived in the local mining villages; my community is, therefore, very important to me. Becoming a Governor has given me an opportunity to have a voice and support my local community and school in a tangible way.

I have been a Staff Governor since 2012 and have worked at STS for nearly 14 years.  During that time my role has changed in many ways. I began my career here as a Teaching Assistant within the Drama Department and then moved on to be a Study Supervisor. It was during this time that I began to work alongside the more disaffected and troubled students – a role that I still enjoy at the present time.  I am now the Alternative Curriculum Manager, helping and supporting students who might find everyday classroom life challenging. I constantly strive to improve the behaviour and attitudes of the young people with whom I work.

In 2003 I introduced ASDAN (Awards Scheme Development Accreditation Network) to STS. Over the years this has been delivered at various levels, helping students working at ‘Bronze’ Level to progress to a Level 3. This has enabled students to gain a valuable 70 UCAS points, giving them a great feeling of self-worth and achievement. Lower ability students gained a feeling of self-belief.

I welcome the opportunity to take part in trips that are organised within school. I have been fortunate enough to participate in several ski trips, camping adventures, sponsored school walks and, last year, I went to India. I am now taking charge of reward trips aimed at the students that present challenging behaviour.

In my private time I also like a challenge! I have taken part in the London Night Rider event, which involves riding a bike sixty miles around London at night.  In April 2015 I visited parts of South America, during which time I walked for four days on the Inca trail, camped in the jungle and explored parts of the Amazon.  When I am nearer home I enjoy my hobbies, which include horse riding, going to the gym and reading. I have completed half of my Open University degree which – with a young family at the time – was a challenge. My children have now finished school so I hope to continue with my studies. My hope is that this will enhance my understanding of the young people around me and enable me to support them to the very best of my ability.