STS places great importance on supporting and guiding all students in planning their educational and career pathways.  Led by Mr. Beaman, Assistant Head Teacher, and managed by Sarah Rooke, a full-time and professionally qualified Careers Advisor, the careers program at STS is designed to provide students with the education, information, advice and guidance they require to make accurate and timely decisions as well as help develop the skills needed to manage their future careers. 

A planned progressive programme of activities supports our students throughout years 7 to 13.  It provides guidance and gives students the confidence to choose pathways that suit their interests and abilities.  The programme’s aim is to raise aspirations and support students to achieve their full potential but importantly it is there to help students pursue relevant and realistic goals for education, training and work and sustain employability throughout their working lives. 

All staff at STS contribute to the development of students through the careers education programme which is delivered through SEAL, special events, enrichment programmes, visits, trips and assemblies as well as within individual departments and through form time.

Students will:

1. Develop themselves through careers, employability and enterprise education

  • Develop self-awareness and learn to appraise personal qualities and skills, roles and responsibilities, values and attitudes, needs and interests, and aptitudes which will enable them to better understand themselves, relate to others and make informed choices
  • Learn self-determination and develop personal autonomy, self-efficacy and personal agency, essential to realise aspirations and manage careers


2. Learn about careers and the world of work

  • Learn to self-improve as learners and foster positive attitudes to lifelong learning as well as learn the skills of planning, review and reflection
  • Learn about a wide range of careers and the world of work
  • Investigate jobs and labour market information (LMI), particularly in the local area
  • Learn to value equality, diversity and inclusion within the British society


3. Develop career management, employability and enterprise skills

  • Learn how to make effective use of all the sources of careers help and support available, including one-to-one impartial and unbiased guidance
  • Learn to show initiative and enterprise
  • Gain the skills and experience that will enable them to gain jobs and sustain themselves in employment
  • Know about managing their money to ensure their economic well-being now and in the future
  • Be able to research and recognise suitable progression pathways and qualifications.  They need to know how to get information, clarify values and preferences, identify alternatives, weigh up influences and advice, solve problems, review decisions and make plans
  • Learn to promote themselves in a way that attracts the attention of selectors and recruiters as well as learn to manage the applications process requiring them to develop a range of self-presentation and marketing skills (CV writing, interview skills) that they will need throughout their lives
  • Develop resilience and coping mechanisms required throughout a career


We are very fortunate to benefit from an extensive programme of outreach activities, designed by local universities to support students in broadening their horizons and raising their aspirations.  Activities include visits to universities, careers fairs, the UCAS higher education fair, summer schools, taster days, subject related events, careers workshops, career specific talks and special events as well as resources to use within lessons.   Additionally we have strong links with local employers who provide students with a wide variety of support including work placements, visits, talks, interview preparation, CV and personal statement assistance, careers fairs and work related learning events.

A significant addition to STS is the placement of a professionally qualified impartial and unbiased careers adviser, Sarah Rooke, who is available 5 days a week for individual advice about options, future choices, UCAS planning and applications, CV workshops, interview preparation, apprenticeship applications, and any other guidance needed.  The door is always open to both students and parents for any advice or guidance they require.  Sarah is always in attendance at Parents’ Evenings from Year 9-13.  No appointment is necessary on those evenings.