Netbook Programs

Netbook Programs

Missing something on your Netbook?  Want to install it yourself?

Simply click the relevant picture below, which will download the installation to your 'Downloads' folder.

Afterwards, manually browse to your Downloads folder & double click on the file to start the installation.

Note: You will be prompted for your school logon details and password before the file downloads. Depending on which web browser you use, downloads may not start automatically due to your browser security settings. Please look for any pop up messages which may appear.

If you have any problems or require any additional software not listed, please E-Mail Network Services

2D Design Scratch Pivot Calculator Emulator Google Sketchup
2D_Design scratch pivot calculator Emulator Google_sketchup

*If you cannot find Comic Life on your Lenovo netbook, please read the following document which explains how you can fix this quickly & easily.  Click Here.

**2D Design is licenced software - therefore upon opening for the first time it will ask you for a licence file. Please E-Mail for a copy of the licence file.


Program list for Netbooks 2015

Here is a list of the current software that will get Pre-Installed on to the Netbooks.  We will continue to develop and improve this list, please be aware that our Imaging system is being built around these Netbooks.  They will be Updated and additional configuration to help create a smooth learning for Students.  If you provide your own device you agree to be fully responsible for installing, maintaining and supporting your child.

The cost of the Scheme also includes the software that we have purchased for the Netbooks and the Support required to keep them running.

A lot of the software can be downloaded for personal devices at NiNite.Com, simply select multiple choices and download.  This will install all the selected software for you.

Click here for

If you wish to install the software manually, please use the below list.


Adobe Reader DC

Adobe Reader

Click here for Adobe Reader

movie maker

Windows Movie maker

Click here for Windows Movie Maker


MalwareBytes (Malware Protection) Free Version

Click here for MalwareBytes


Spybot (Malware Protection) Free Version

Click here for SpyBot



Click here for FireFox


Google Chrome (Some Websites Prefer Google Chrome)

Click here for Google Chrome


VLC Player

Click here for VLC Player



Click here for Audacity

Google Earth

Google Earth

Click here for Google Earth

Google Sketchup

SketchUp Make (Formerly Google SketchUp)

Click here for SketchUp Make



Click here for Scratch


Pivot Animator

Click here for Pivot Animator

CASIO fx-9860G emulator

The CASIO fx-9860G emulator

(requires a username and password that the Student will get when they join us)

Click here for the The CASIO fx-9860G emulator

Calculator Emu

Calculator Emulator

(requires a username and password that the Student will get when they join us)

Click here for the Calculator Emulator



Click here for Seterra


2D Design

Click here for 2D Design



Click here for Python website

Click here for Python  3.3.2



Click here for Autograph-Maths



Click here for Gimp


Read&Write 11

(requires a username and password that the Student will get when they join us)

Clck here for Read&Write11

Read&Write 11 quick reference guide

Read&Write 11 Beginners Guide


Extra Voices for Read&Write 11

(requires a username and password that the Student will get when they join us)

Voice UK Allison

Voice UK Serena

Voice Uk Daniel

Voice UK Samantha

Voice Spanish Monica

Voice French Audrey



Click here for OneDrive


  • Nessy Learning - Paid by the School for Scheme devices only
  • Nessy Fingers - Paid by the School for Scheme devices only
  • Office 365 Live - Paid by the School for Scheme devices only
  • SolidWorks - Paid by the School for Scheme devices only

Configurations we've setup on the Scheme devices

One major factor which is included in the Scheme is the Imaging System.  This allows the School's Network Services team to create a pre-installed image that will be sent to BT/Freedom Tech to setup the Netbooks.  That image will also be used for any future wipes of Student Netbooks purchased through the Scheme.  This system cuts down the need to spend an entire day preparing just one Student Netbook when the Scheme could potentially have around 250 Netbooks.  The image is usually updated every 6 months but unfortunately there is no remote way to deploy these to the  Netbooks for updating.  The Students though are able to request the Netbook purchased through the Scheme to be re-imaged.  If Students do wish for a Netbook wipe simply ask them to pop up to Network Services, we recommend between 8am and 9am if they wish to use a loan.  This is also based upon how much time the Team have available.

  • Desktop Short cuts to popular sites/programs for ease of use.
  • Windows Updates turned on but will not download to prevent downtime and updating upon shutdown.
  • Favourites added to the profile for ease of use.
  • Administrator account automatically setup - Student/Parent can use to install or update software.
  • Standard Student account automatically setup - Allows protection for the Student and helps prevent Malware.

IT Support

If a Student has any issues regarding a Scheme device, we are here to support it.

Typical issues we deal with:

  • Rebuild (resetting back to factory settings)
  • Office not working correctly
  • Using correct accounts
  • Touchpad not working
  • Software not updating
  • Random crashes

Please be aware that IT Support is extremely limited on Non Scheme purchases.  Any issues will need to be taken to an external IT Support company/repair store.

We highly recommend covering the device with Insurance and Extended Warranty.  The Insurance will need to cover day to day travel and usage in a School (please check exactly what it covers).