General ICT

General ICT

General ICT

This area will contain useful pieces of information, tips and recommendations for using School IT at home. 

If you need any help with the below email

  • Password reset for Kerboodle, SLG or Parent Pay
  • Netbook and tablet purchased through the School scheme

Any Students having issues using websites or are unsure what to do please ask them to check with their Teachers.

Anything else email

Home Internet (SLG, Kerboodle, Pearsons)

If you're using the internet at home to access some of our facilities we recommend installing Mozilla Firefox to browse the internet which generally works well.  Although you can install other browsers we would recommend using Firefox.

If you would like advice on free anti virus solutions we recommend Windows Essentials and Malwarebytes:

Free version of Office we recommend OpenOffice:

For the latest Shockwave, Air, Silverlight and Java:

You can easily install all of them from the below link, simply click on the ones you want then click"Get Your Ninite" and install.

To update Adobe Flash use the below link.

The booklet is designed to remind Students and Parents how to perform certain tasks, it's not designed to be their primary source of lessons instead simple reminders.  Lessons will still be provided by ICT Teachers.

Click here to download our IT booklet

Tablet support documents which contain guides.

Click here for the tablet support documents

Please be aware that support on personal devices not purchased through our schemes is extremely limited to non existent so we recommend using Google for any advice or PC World for any repairs.