Tablet Scheme

Tablet Scheme

Tablet Scheme

The tablet scheme is running till the end of the 2016/2017 School year.

If you have any queries please email

Any complaints or cancellations please email

Insurance and Warranty Claims

The first step would be to send the Student up to Network Services who can evaluate if it's warranty or an insurance claim.  You must be aware that warranty is failure and insurance is accidental damage. The warranty will not cover any damage and the insurance will be void on malicious damage.  The case must be used at all times.

Network Services will provide an insurance form and information to make it easier for you to create a claim.

Things to remember:

  • Case must be used, if not - the insurance claim is denied.
  • The insurance claim must be completed within a date period (usually within 10 days - we urge 1 week).
  • If damage occurred a few weeks ago - the insurance claim is denied.
  • The form must be completed by an adult, once completed return to Network Services with the tablet (can leave at reception).
  • Two photos are required but Network Services can arrange these to be taken and sent with the insurance.
  • Student can borrow a loan netbook while device insurance is carried out.
  • Time taken to authorise claim, arrange collection, repair and sent back to the School may up to four weeks but during non busy periods may only take 10 days.
  • Tablet chargers, cables and accessories are not covered by the insurance or warranty.

World of Warranty claim form

World of Warranty theft letter