Post 16 application information for Year 11s

Post 16 application information for Year 11s

The information below gives you a timeline for applying to schools, colleges and apprenticeships.  All applications school and college applications are made using an online application system.

  • In November students receive a letter from KCC giving them their username and password to login to the online application system, UCAS Progress, accessed through Kent Choices4U:


KCC Application Site

  • Each student will have logged on to the system in July of the previous summer term to see how it works.  They will have created their online profile which is used to apply for 6th form or college.  During the Autumn term students will participate in tutor times dedicated to applying for courses on Kent Choices 4U with the assistance of tutors, Mrs Rooke (the Careers Advisor) and Mr Beaman (the Assistant Head teacher, Supporting Succession).  Students MUST apply for a first choice and second choice place, and the second choice must require lower entry grades than the 1st choice.
  • Students should look at the websites of schools and colleges to see when their information evenings are.  STS’s is in November, where we will be on hand to advise students and parents on the broader application process.

  • Those applying for pathway 1, 2 or 3 at STS’s 6th form need to apply by Christmas as interviews are held in January. See below for extra online help needed in filling in applications plus advice can be gained from the school’s careers advisor at any time
  • In term 2 there will be a second round of dedicated lessons where students can do any additional research and apply for courses. Institutions will want to know predicted GCSE results and the mock exams will be the basis for this.
  • All year 11s will have an opportunity to meet with the careers advisor during the year. There are plenty of tools on the useful links section on the careers page of the school website to help students with their own independent research.
  • Interviews and more open events take place in Jan to March.
  • Apprenticeship events are organised for February / March where students gain more information on the range of apprenticeships available and how to apply for them. It is advisable for students interested in an apprenticeship to apply for an appropriate college course by this time as an alternative educational route.
  • In March students have to go back online to check their applications and to order them in preference 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice.
  • We advise students to use their own time to research and make applications, as well as the dedicated lessons and tutor times.
  • Below is an example of a Personal Statement which students will need to create for their online profile.

Personal Statement Example

For more information on how to make an application on UCAS Progress and using the KentChoices4U site please see this link which has simple videos on how to fill in your profile and personal statement and how to make applications.  This is useful for all students particularly those applying to the STS 6th form before the second round of dedicated lessons:

Kent Choices 4 U

Course Level Guide

Post 16 courses are available at different levels.  Please see the table below for a description of the levels as well as information on the entry requirements for each level.  It is vital to know this information to ensure you apply for the right course.

Level 3  2 year programmes of study designed to prepare you for university (Level 4 course) or employment 5 GCSEs at grade A-C/9-4 including English and Maths  A levels/BTEC Certificate/Subsidiary Diploma/Diploma/Extended Diploma, NVQ/VRQ 3, Access to Higher Education Courses
Level 2 1 year course designed to prepare you for a Level 3 course or employment 4 GCSEs at grade D/3  GCSEs, BTEC Certificate, Extended Certificate & Diploma, NVQ/VRQ 2
Level 1 1 year course designed to give you a detailed understanding of a particular subject. Excellent for entering a specialist area without any previous experience E-G/2-1 grades in GCSEs  BTEC Introductory Certificate, Award & Diploma, NVQ/VRQ 1
Entry Level  1 year course that will give you the chance of progressing to a higher level qualification on completion No formal qualifications required Certificate of achievement

If required, Maths and English can be studied alongside Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2 courses


Sixth Form


Please find in this link a list of open days and application deadlines for local sixth forms.  Please go to each school’s website for more information including the entry requirements.

Open days and application dates


Please find below the websites for local further education colleges which many students from STS continue on to post 16:

EKC logo

Hadlow college logo

uca logo

canterbury college logo


Open days:

Location Date
Canterbury College:  
East Kent College:  
Broadstairs Open Day  
  17 November 2018: 10am to 1pm
  4 April 2019: 4pm to 7pm
Folkestone Open Day  
Dover Open Day  
  15 November 2018: 4pm to 6pm
  30 January 2019: 4pm to 6pm
  25 April 2019: 4pm to 6pm
  19 June 2019: 4pm to 6pm
Hadlow College  Canterbury Open days:  
  20 October 2018: 10am onwards
  1 December 2018: 10am onwards
  9 February 2019: 10am onwards
  23 March 2019: 10am onwards
  18 May 2019: 10am onwards
  15 September 2018: 9am to 3pm
  10 October 2018: 9am to 3pm
  3 November 2018: 9am to 3pm
  28 November 2018: 9am to 3pm
  15 June 2019: time to be confirmed



Please log on to this website and create an account, to apply for any of the opportunities advertised.

Find an Apprenticeship

Apprentice Kent


If you want gain extra skills and experience before obtaining an apprenticeship or a job with training consider a traineeship with a company such as Middleton Murray.