Your tutors will be your first point of call for support in the Sixth Form. We work hard to match our students with the right tutor. All of our tutors are Sixth Form teachers and understand the workload that you have to manage. They will be responsible for your references. As well as tutor time you will attend an assembly once a week.

Tutor Email Room

Ms. Alison

Mrs. Mirams Year 12



Mr. Healy Year 12 Bruce.healy@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk  
Mrs. Rees-Nicholls Year 12 Bethan.nicholls@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk  
Mr. Patch Year 12 Mark.Patch@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk  
Mr. Hall Year 13 Mark.Hall@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk  
Mrs. Seaman Year 13 Tina.seaman@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk  
Mr. Graham Webb  graham.webb@Sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk  
Mrs. Williamson Year 13 Liz.williamson@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk