EduLink (Homework & Parents Evening)

Parents & carers should recieve the account details by email and can logon:!/login

School ID required to access EduLink is: STS

When your child joined us, parents & carers would have completed a data collection form.  If any of the below is missing, you won't receive an email.

  • Parental Responsibility
  • Email address

When you receive an email, it wil expire after the first usage or after 10 days.  This is for security reasons.

Want to correct the above? Or perhaps your personal details are incorrect? Contact:

Still having problems logging on? Contact

Over time this system will be updated with more functions, some (re)disabled:

  • Informing absences
  • Data collection forms

Parents Evening

  • Booking slots are created within set dates
  • Letters are posted and booking slots become available
  • Dates on the school calendar

The guide for parents on EduLnk will be updated each time a section is made available below.

Parent EduLink Guide

Download the Apps:



Amazon Fire


Why are my personal details out of date?

Parents need to keep the school informed of any changes.  Either let the school know through the admin email address or the data collection forms.  It can take a few days for this information to be processed.

I have yet to receive my EduLink details?

Please make sure the school has your correct email address.

Homework has just appeared today but was set a couple of days ago?

Don’t panic.  Staff are now catching up in the process of setting electronically.  Students will always be told to fill in their diary and the EduLink system is the additional nice touch to remind everyone and show parents.

Homework hasn’t been submitted on EduLink?

The homework function of submitting isn’t something staff always use but we are encouraging it.  The system is mainly a reminder for students and they must fill in their diary.

Can I see more functions? more data?

This is a new system to us, although we do our best to foresee and get EduLink setup, it still takes time for everything to be ready.

What is the school ID?

The ID is STS and we’ve placed this on all the guides and emails we send out.

A big red cross on emergency contact in the medical section? Won’t you contact us?

Do not panic.  This information is taken out of our data system and generally not on the collection forms when you join STS.  Our school procedure is to contact parents on all serious issues involving their child.  The red cross is not something to worry about.

EduLink has stopped working?

Like all IT systems, it can go offline and has a lot of dependencies.  Sandwich had a power cut towards the end of September, this caused our entire system to be offline and can take a while to bring everything online.  Please be patient with us and give the system a few hours or perhaps even a day.  Any urgent queries can go to reception and students should be noting all homework in their diary.

I want a Parent Pay account for school trips, football kit and to buy food?

This is not through EduLink and you will need to email netservices for an account.  We do hope that one day you can see your Parent Pay balance but this won’t allow you to add money.

I don’t see everything I should? I see only a few areas? Things are missing?

You are most likely logged on as your child.  If you look at the top of the screen it should say “hello, your name”.  If this shows another name, you need to logout and login with your own username and password.  Parents have a unique username compared to students.

Does my child have an account?

Yes, all students do.  Their username and password matches the school IT system with the two numbers and their name.  E.g. a year 7 in September 2019 will be 19BloggsJ (Joe Bloggs)

Can I update my own details on EduLink?

Yes, there is an update details section which will send a notification to a member of our staff.  This process can take a few days to update.

Do I get messages on EduLink?

This function is still being tested but you may start getting useful information through it soon.