Football Academy

Football Academy


Welcome to the Football Academy!  Sandwich Technology School is proud of our Football Academy and its long since established partnership with Chelsea Football Club.  It is housed within its own purpose built building and has access to great facilities.  Unlike many school Football Academies who subcontract the running of their provision out, ours is staffed with our own dedicated staff and is led by us – this means that it benefits from the expertise and knowledge that exists within the school as well as the experience and football specific skills delivered by the academy staff.  In essence our students get the best of both worlds, the independence, autonomy and subject specialism that come from the Academy, alongside the support, facitities and wider social opportunities that come from being part of Sandwich Technology School’s Sixth Form.

There is no doubt that students in our 6th Form are proud to be here and they hold fast to their education with us. Both students who have been at STS in the lower years and those who join STS in the 6th Form afresh soon find that they settle in and join the family feeling that is a real feature of the school.  We, along with the students, have an eye to their future and offer first class careers advice throughout the 6th Form and we are very proud of the fact that virtually all of our students progress on to either University, Employment or Apprenticeships.

The young adults in our 6th Form experience a new and different relationship with their teachers, which recognises their maturity and capability of taking on additional responsibility. If you choose to join STS and our Football Academy we will go out of our way to help you settle in, feel valued and also to have some fun!  The Football Academy is successful, enjoyable, vibrant and a great place to make new friends. I hope you will be impressed by what we have to offer and will want to come and be part of the experience!

Tracey Savage BSc (Hons) DipEd NPQH MEd