Heads of Year

Heads of Year

The form tutor plays a vital role in providing continuity and cohesion to the student's experience of school life, guiding and supporting the personal, academic and wider achievement of each individual student within the form.

Tutors are involved in the process of monitoring, guiding and supporting students' learning.  The tutor holds a unique position, being in close daily contact with a relatively small group of students throughout the year, to help them prepare to learn, develop successful strategies to improve learning and celebrate students' academic achievements. 

Mentoring is about providing support for individual students beyond the classroom, responding to their difficulties and triumphs, helping them to improve their attitude and approach to learning.  Sometimes this means one-to-one help, focusing as sharply as possible on the needs, attitudes and attributes of each individual learner; sometimes tutoring involves small groups of learners, allowing them to help each other. The year group system facilitates and develops group relationships between students, creating a shared sense of purpose.

The most effective relationships are promoted through continuity, consistency, familiarity, individual contact and stability.  The tutor's job is to provide a structure and rules for a secure, caring environment where the young people can feel valued as individuals and have a sense of belonging.

Where concerns about progress, behaviour or wellbeing arise parents are encouraged to contact their child's form tutor in the first instance.


Year 7

Luke Wakeley - Head of Year 7 Mandy Gibb - Year 7 Manager

Luke Wakeley


Mandy Gibb

Tel: 01304 610107 Tel: 01304 610009

E-Mail: Luke.Wakeley@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk

E-Mail: Mandy.Gibb@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk


Year 8

Moira Clewes- Head of Year 8 Domenica Parker - Year 8 Manager

Moira Clewes

Domenica Parker

Tel: 01304 610050 Tel: 01304 610043

E-Mail: Moira.Clewes@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk

E-Mail: Domenica.Parker@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk


Year 9

James McAuley - Head of Year 9 Ashley Mahmood - Year 9 Manager

James McAuley

Ashley Mahmood

Tel: 01304 610101 Tel: 01304 610014
E-Mail: James.McAuley@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk E-Mail: Ashley.Mahmood@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk

Year 10

Kerry Higgins- Head of Year 10 Tina McCann - Year 10 Manager

Kerry Higgins


Tima McCann


Tel: 01304 610030 Tel: 01304 610036
E-Mail: Kerry.Higgins@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk

E-Mail: Tina.McCann@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk


Year 11

Alan Cadby - Head of Year 11 Sam O'Hara  - Year 11 Manager

Alan Cadby

Sam O'Hara

Tel: 01304 610063 Tel: 01304 610020

E-Mail: Alan.Cadby@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk

E-Mail: Sam.O'Hara@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk