Summer Enrichment Programme

The Heads of Departments have put together a Summer Enrichment Programme to challenge students over the Summer break, which expands on the Curriculum taught in school. The aim of this is to give students further challenge, keep them engaged and focused throughout the long break. We also understand that it can be difficult to think of activities and visits to do throughout the Summer, so we have included plenty of suggestions.

The programme is centred around four categories; Explore and do; Read; Watch and Listen, which is aimed to enable learners to expand their mindsets, further develop their critical thinking capabilities and broaden their knowledge around subjects. We have developed the programme to offer a wealth of diverse and engaging activities to all of our students at every stage of their education. This will not only build on the qualities above, but also promotes fun, a commitment to continued learning in the wider community and self-improvement.

We have tried to keep visits to either be free or low in cost and as local as possible. The majority of suggestions found throughout the documents below have a direct link to the relevant website for ease.

You can also view a video explaining our Summer Reading Challenge, this has been promoted by the students tutors too. We have an exciting competition; complete the challenge and show the Librarians how it has been completed and your child will receive a treat, as well as being entered for an Amazon voucher! Not only will reading broaden knowledge, but it also improves brain connectivity, increases vocabulary and enhances comprehension significantly; Extremely good reasons to be involved and take part! Watch the video here!

We hope this Enrichment Programme will assist our pupils with their mental wellbeing, confidence and encourage them to get out i the wider community, following the new guidance from the Government in reducing the restrictions we have all endured over the past 17 months.

We hope you have a great Summer break.


Summer Reading Challenge Information

Summer Reading Challenge Leaflet