The School Day

We operate a fortnightly timetable so you will have a different timetable in Week A and Week B. There are five periods of 60 minutes each day with two 35 minute breaks. We expect you to attend every day.

Most subjects will have 11 lessons a fortnight and you should use the rest of your time for studying and revising. You will have your own Study Centre for that purpose although you are welcome to use the Open Learning Centre (OLC) for group or individual study.The restaurant is available for less formal time and is open specifically for Sixth Formers. You will have a Tutor Period every morning when your tutor will give you important messages and provide you will high quality advice about your next steps. .

Time Activity
9.00 am Tutor Time
9.20 am Period 1
10.20 am Period 2
11.20 am FIRST BREAK
11.55 am Period 3
12.55 pm Period 4
2.30 pm Period 5