In an attempt to remove all cash and cheques from school, parents are required to use our e‑payment method to pay for dinner money, trips, etc. Payments can be made online using ‘ParentPay’, which is a very secure website, or in cash at local stores where you see the ‘PayPoint’ logo.

At the point of school admission, we set up a secure online account for each student and parents are provided with a unique activation username and password.

Making a payment is straightforward and ‘ParentPay’ holds an electronic record of all payments to view at a later date. Once the account has been activated, payments can be made online immediately. Those parents wishing to pay cash should contact the school office to request the option of paying via ‘PayPoint’.

The following link will take you to ‘ParentPay’:

Visit Parent Pay Website

If you need your account details or want to add another child please contact our Network Services team, who will be happy to help: