Our published policies are reviewed regularly to ensure they remain relevant and comply with current statutory frameworks. If you have any comments that you would like us to take into consideration as part of the review process, do please email them to our Company Secretary at sarah.corbett@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk.


Policies Date
Accessibility Plan 24th Nov 2021
Admissions Policy 2023 2024 23rd Jun 2021
Admissions Policy 2024 2025 02nd Feb 2023
Alcohol, Smoking and Drug Abuse Guidelines (Students) 11th Mar 2020
Allegations against Staff (Abuse) Policy 23rd Nov 2022
Anti-bullying Policy 17th Mar 2021
Anti-bullying Policy - Information for students 02nd Dec 2020
Anti-fraud Policy 03rd Jul 2023
Assessment and Reporting Policy 16th Mar 2022
Attendance Policy 21st Jun 2023
Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy 09th Feb 2022
Charging and Remissions Policy 14th Oct 2022
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 18th Oct 2021
Children with with Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School 22nd Jun 2022
Closed Circuit Television Policy 11th Nov 2021
Collective Worship Policy 17th Mar 2021
Complaints Procedure 31st May 2019
Confiscation of Items Guidelines 05th Oct 2022
Continuing Professional Development Policy 25th Nov 2020
Curriculum Statement 2022 2023 23rd Jun 2021
Donations Policy 09th Feb 2023
Educational Visits Guidelines 01st Oct 2020
Equality Objectives 14th Dec 2021
Equality Policy 29th Jun 2022
Extended Services Policy 13th Mar 2023
Feedback to Support Learning Policy 30th Aug 2022
Financial Procedures Manual 02nd Nov 2022
First Aid Guidelines 03rd Sep 2021
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme 17th Mar 2021
General Data Protection Regulation Policy 29th Jun 2021
Governor Expenses Policy 01st Sep 2021
Governor Visits Protocol 12th Oct 2020
Health and Safety Policy 30th Jun 2021
Home-School Agreement 24th Jan 2022
Homework Policy 23rd Sep 2020
Insurance Statement 03rd Feb 2020
Investment Policy 13th Mar 2023
Literacy Policy 29th Jan 2020
Local Government Pension Scheme Employer Policy Statement 01st Sep 2021
Minibus and Driving Policy 25th Nov 2020
Mobile Phone Code of Conduct 04th May 2021
Most Able Pupils Policy 22nd Sep 2020
Numeracy Policy 29th Jan 2020
Nutritional Standards Policy 07th May 2021
Online Safety and ICT Acceptable Use Policy 25th Jan 2023
Pay Policy 04th Sep 2023
Performance Management Policy 08th Jun 2023
Positive Handling Policy 25th Nov 2020
Premises Management Policy 13th Mar 2023
Protection of Biometric Information of Children in School Policy 10th Jul 2023
Recruitment and Induction Policy 06th Oct 2021
Redundancy Policy 25th Nov 2020
Relationship and Sex Education Policy 30th Nov 2022
Reserves Policy 30th Jun 2021
Risk Management Policy 25th Nov 2020
Sandwich Technology Achievement and Rewards Scheme 22nd Jan 2022
SEN and Disability Policy 05th Oct 2022
Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural and British Values Policy 14th Jul 2020
Staff Absence, Parental Leave and Special/Additional Leave Policy 30th Jun 2021
Staff Bonus Policy 10th Mar 2022
Staff Capability Procedure 10th Jun 2021
Staff Code of Conduct 03rd Jul 2023
Staff Disciplinary Policy and Procedure 19th Jan 2022
Staff Dress Code Policy 30th Jun 2021
Staff Grievance Policy 19th Jan 2022
Staff Well Being Policy 03rd Jul 2023
Stakeholder Engagement Policy 10th Feb 2020
STS Curriculum Statement 2023 24 07th Sep 2023
STS Curriculum Statement 2023 24 07th Sep 2023
Student Behaviour Management Policy 21st Oct 2022
Student Uniform Policy and Dress Code 15th Mar 2023
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions 06th Oct 2021
Teaching and Learning Policy 23rd Jun 2021
Unreasonably Persistent Complaints and Harassment Policy 12th May 2021
Whistle Blowing Policy 24th Mar 2021