Year Teams

The Form Tutor plays a vital role in providing continuity and cohesion to each student's experience of school life – guiding and supporting the personal, academic and wider achievement of every individual within the form.

The tutor holds a unique position, being in close daily contact with a relatively small group of students throughout the year, to help them prepare to learn, develop successful strategies to improve learning and to celebrate students' academic achievements.

Mentoring is about providing support for individual students beyond the classroom, responding to their difficulties and triumphs, helping them to improve their attitude and approach to learning.  Sometimes this means one-to-one help, focusing as sharply as possible on the needs, attitudes and attributes of each individual learner; sometimes tutoring involves small groups of learners, allowing them to help each other. The year group system facilitates and develops group relationships between students, creating a shared sense of purpose.

The most effective relationships are promoted through continuity, consistency, familiarity, individual contact and stability.  The tutor's job is to provide a structure and rules for a secure, caring environment where our young people can feel valued as individuals and have a sense of belonging.

Where concerns about progress, behaviour or wellbeing arise parents are encouraged to contact their child's Form Tutor in the first instance.

If parents or carers feel that their child is not progressing or is unhappy, they should contact his/her Head of Year or Year Manager, who will make enquiries to the subject teachers and/or Form Tutor as appropriate.

Meetings with Year Offices and/or other staff are strictly by appointment and the school cannot guarantee that those attending without an appointment will be accommodated due to time constraints and pre-booked appointments. If parents or carers telephone, leave a voicemail message or email the school, every effort will be made to ensure a response is given within 48 hours.

Contact details for our Year Teams are provided below:

Year 7

The Head of Year 7 is Mrs Hadaway

The Year 7 Managers are Miss Powell and Mrs Carpenter

Year 8

The Head of Year 8 is Mr Hood

James.Hood@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.ukThe Year 8 Managers are Ms Cloves and Ms Malagodi


Year 9

The Head of Year 9 is Mr Todd

The Year 9 Managers are Mrs Roberts and Miss Brooks

Year 10

The Head of Year 10 is Mrs Clewes

The Year 10 Managers are Mr McKeown and Miss Lynch

Year 11

The Head of Year 11 is Mr Fairbrother

The Year 11 Managers are Ms Parker and Mr Sheppard

Sixth Form

The Head of Sixth Form is Mrs Stone

The Head of Year 12 is Miss Hood

The Sixth Form Managers are Mr Shenton and Mr Hall