Curriculum Overview

The Sandwich Technology School curriculum offer is designed to be academically challenging and to prepare students for the world of further education, training and employment. We believe that our curriculum offer reflects the broad and balanced approach that suits our learners best and positions the school so it can continue to move forward in an ever-changing external examination landscape.

There is a strong focus on developing knowledge and understanding in traditional academic subjects, but also a recognition that students benefit from being able to specialise at a later stage of their academic careers in curriculum areas such as the Arts and Technology. The school believes that all students are capable of achieving academic success through acquiring strong knowledge and a rich understanding of the subjects delivered by our curriculum.

A link is provided below to the curriculum model that will be followed at Sandwich Technology School for the academic year commencing September 2023.

Curriculum Statement 2023/2024If you have any queries regarding the STS curriculum, please contact:

Simon Sharples (Senior Deputy Headteacher: Curriculum and Standards)