Revision Techniques

Effective Study Habits

When students are working independently on things like homework, long-term study or revision we want them to focus their efforts on the right strategies, the ones that really work.   There are some clear strategies that work and there are some which, whilst reassuring to pupils, actually have very little impact on long term retention of important knowledge or understanding.

To help our pupils and parents understand the most effective strategies and ensure that time is used effectively when students are working on homework or revision, we have created some video guides on the most effective study habits that we know from research and experience really make a difference. 

We hope you find these videos useful. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

This video talks you through what you need to know about memory to improve your ability to learn.

1.How do we learn?

This video explores why flash cards are effective, how to create them and how to revise using them.  All students have been given a pack of 100 flash cards to get started with.

2. Flash Cards

This video explains how to use retrieval techniques, such as mind maps and the Roman room method.

3. Retrieval Techniques