Staff Email Addresses

We are pleased to provide email contact details for our staff. We do not, however, consent to these email addresses being used for marketing purposes.

Please be aware that classroom teaching and other workplace responsibilities might mean that you do not receive an immediate reply to your message. We will, however, endeavour to reply within 48 hours.


Michelle Allen Examinations Officer
Lisa Rubino Administrator
Sarah Mills Executive Assistant/Marketing Lead/Company Secretary
Kelly Carroll Student Receptionist
Emma Houston Admissions and Personnel Officer
Jojo Kelderis Receptionist/Office Manager
Sarah Rooke Careers Advisor
Bethany Barber Teaching, CPD and School Direct Administrator

Computing & Business Studies Department

Carwyn Mills Head of Department
Bill Shepherd Teacher
Jason Jones Teacher
James Harris Teacher
Sukreena Bratch Teacher
Joe Sevier Teacher

Cover Team

Sam Holland Systems Analyst/Cover Supervisor
Alison Reeve Study Supervisor
Darren Cullen Study Supervisor
Bradley Fowler Study Supervisor

Creative Department

Bruce Healy Head of Creative
Adam Taimar Teacher
Cheri Hadaway Teacher/BTEC Verifier
Frances Hogg Teacher - On maternity leave
Gabriella Zacharia Teacher
Hannah Scobie Teacher
Jamey Sherman Teacher
Liz Newington Teacher
Shen Rose Teacher

Design Technology Department

Terrance Crutchley Head of Design Technology
Phil Rowcroft Teacher
Andrea Amos Teacher
Nicolas Riedel Teacher
Richard Todd Teacher
Sally Brindley Teacher
Mike Banks Technician

English Department

Emma Dunderdale Head of English 
Christina Sharples Teacher
Claire Kennedy Teacher/Professional tutor for ITT
Dee Macmillan Teacher
Jesica Phipp Teacher
Kirsty Collins Teacher/RSL:PP
Lauren Dowle Teacher/RSL:Attendance
Lucy Wanstall Teacher/Deputy Headteacher - On maternity Leave
Maria Stone Teacher/Head of Sixth Form
Megan Stevenson Teacher - On maternity Leave
Robert Hastie Teacher
Rosina Clemo Teacher/Assistant Head Teacher - On maternity Leave
Stephanie Morrish Teacher/ Army Intervention Coordinator
Sue Walker Teacher
Zoe Fitzjohn Teacher/2inc

Finance Department

Heidi  Longley Bursar
Anna Kerley Finance Assistant

Geography Department

Mark Patch Head of Geography
Claire Hollingsbee Teacher
Johnathan Kellett Teacher
Michael Cadby Teacher
Tracey Law Teacher/Induction tutor for ECT
Victoria Packman Teacher
Lillian Hamlin Teacher

History Department

Kate Lawson Head of History
Alice Henderson Teacher
Granville Williams Teacher
Joseph Browning Teacher
Simon Sharples Senior Deputy Headteacher


Laura Mirams Librarian

Mathematics Department

Tom Connolly Head of Maths
Andro Brett Teacher
Claire Hayward Teacher
Darren Lynch Teacher
Emily Gambrell Teacher
Georgina Squires Teacher
Lindsey Reynolds Teacher
Nicola Crick Teacher
Sheree Hood Teacher/Head of Year 12
Natasha Djeric Kane Teacher
Victoria McKnight Teacher
Lawrence Nwezza-Oke Teacher

Modern Foreign Languages Department

Helen Ryan Head of MFL
Annette Iglesias-Whittaker Teacher
Cecile Dookhun Teacher
Lorna Sargent Teacher
Pilar Warren Languages Assistant

Network Services, Premises and Restaurant

Mark Mucklow  Network Services Manager
John Platts Site Engineer
Kevin Douglas Restaurant Manager/Head Chef

Physical Education Department

Lucy Bowden Head of Physical Education
Chris Hill Teacher/Assistant Headteacher
Emma Bygraves Teacher
James Hood Teacher
Kevin Beale Teacher
Lee Fairbrother Teacher/Head of Year 11
Moira Clewes Teacher/Head of Year 10
Tony Baldwin Teacher

Science Department

Charlotte Clay Head of Science
Dom Kleinschmidt Teacher
James Birbeck-Bailes Teacher
Luke Ash Teacher
Matthew Butterworth Teacher
Michelle Knight Teacher
Regan Russell Teacher
Soraya Babolhavaeji Teacher
Vicki Wright Teacher/AHT: Supporting Progress
Cyril Chukwudozie Teacher
Joshua Oxley Teacher
Andrew Kitcher Teacher
Rachel Daws Teacher 
Vinitaa Srivastav Teacher
Taylor Smith Technician

Senior Leadership Team

Tracey Savage Headteacher, Governor
Simon Sharples Senior Deputy Headteacher: Curriculum and Standards
Mark Beaman Deputy Headteacher: Child Protection and Conduct/DSL
Andy  Fisher School Business Manager
Alan Cadby Assistant Headteacher: Supporting Teaching
Chris Hill Assistant Headteacher: Supporting Succession
Vicki Wright Assistant Headteacher: Supporting Progress
Lucy Wanstall On Maternity Leave
Rosina Clemo On Maternity Leave

Social Sciences Department

Ben Stroud Head of Social Sciences
Jackie Cichon Teacher
Marian Kitchener Teacher
Sam'O Hara sam.o' Teacher
Andy Stevenson Teacher/Head of Year 8

Special Educational Needs Department

Kerry Higgins Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) 
Rachel Daws Designated LAC Teacher and Access Arrangments Manager
Rachel Hood Assistant SENCo
Christine Keenan Teaching Assistant
Elizabeth Forward Teaching Assistant
Fiona Le Ny Teaching Assistant
Freya Mosley Teaching Assistant
Gary Dodd Teaching Assistant
Grace Chapman Teaching Assistant
Jo Crick Teaching Assistant
Jodie Calverley Teaching Assistant
Leonie Williams Teaching Assistant
Martina Hopkins Teaching Assistant
Odie Smith-Wallace Teaching Assistant
Rebecca Lynch Teaching Assistant

Student Welfare and Support

Sally Carney Head of MORE
Isobel Vince MORE Centre Teacher
Lauren Dowle Raising Satandards Leader: Attendance
William Templeton Attendance Officer
Belinda Goodwin Assistant Attendance Officer
Clive Birnie Student Support Officer
Stacy Kemp Assistant DSL

Year Teams

Cheri Hadaway Teacher, Head of Year 7
Lisa Powell Year Manager, Year 7
Caroline Carpenter Year Manager, Year 7
James Hood Teacher, Head of Year 8
Elizabeth Malagodi Year Manager, Year 8
Dolly Cloves Year Manager, Year 8
Richard Todd Teacher, Head of Year 9
Nicky Roberts Year Manager, Year 9
Rosie Brooks Year Manager, Year 9
Moira Clewes Teacher of PE, Head of Year 10
Robbi McKeown Year Manager, Year 10
Rebbeca Lynch Year Manager, Year 10
Lee Fairbrother Teacher of PE, Head of Year 11
Domenica Parker Year Manager, Year 11
Jack Sheppard Year Manager, Year 11
Maria Stone Teacher of Film/Media, Head of Sixth Form
Sheree Hood Teacher/ Head of Year 12
Mark Shenton Sixth Form Manager