Pledges for the Planet


At Sandwich Technology School……

  • we have 2 solar panel arrays
  • we have a 5Kw wind turbine
  • we have installed an air source heat pump servicing under floor heating into one of our buildings
  • we have over 90% of our school classrooms, offices and corridors with LED lighting
  • our tennis courts and astro turf pitch are lit with energy efficient LED floodlights
  • the whole site has energy efficient double-glazed windows
  • we are proud of our ever-improving Display Energy Certificate (DEC) rating
  • we have used recycled tarmac chippings for one of our car parks
  • we have sourced and used re-cyclable plant-based containers and cutlery and not single use plastic
  • we have a whole school approach to recycle paper/card/cardboard and plastics with weekly collections
  • we re-purpose and re use as many items as possible such as office stationery and shelving made from pallets
  • we have staff who have proudly completed a certificated Environmental Awareness course
  • we have an Environmental Pledges working Group actively exploring new areas to improve our environmental efficiency.

Sandwich Technology School pledges to……

  • increase awareness around recycling and energy within the curriculum and tutor time activities
  • reduce the schools carbon footprint around ‘green and local’ food sourcing reducing the mileage from ‘field to fork’
  • create a wildflower meadow
  • create a leaf compost area
  • build a bug hotel from wooden pallets
  • install electric solar charging parking bays for the school and community
  • reduce unwanted posted sales brochures/catalogues and promote online options
  • increase the number of recycling bins around the school to encourage segregation of waste items
  • continue to investigate more sustainable options and approaches
  • investigate becoming a recycling hub for the local community
  • create a mosaic piece from recycled materials for display and to raise awareness

Individuals via student voice and school council pledge whilst at Sandwich Technology School to…….

  • increase alternative ways of more environmentally friendly transport to and from school such us walking, cycling and car pooling
  • reduce paper use by using electronic formats where possible
  • increase student awareness around recycling and litter picking
  • to put as many plants around the school as possible to promote wellbeing and a love of nature
  • reduce the single use plastic items contained in packed lunch boxes
  • reduce water wastage
  • turn off electrical devices at the end of the school day to save energy

Individuals from Sandwich Technology School pledge whilst at home and within their communities to…….

  • promote local litter picking sessions within our communities by linking with the local parish council schemes
  • improve their own household waste recycling regimes
  • raise awareness of energy waste at home

If you have any ideas that you would like to contribute to our efforts to become more environmentally friendly please do get in touch.

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