Stakeholder Feedback

Following an inspection visit in May 2019, Ofsted reported the following, direct feedback that they had received from parents and students:

“Pupils told inspectors that they were confident that there was an adult to talk to in school if they needed support with any concerns they might have.”
Ofsted, 2019

“Pupils learn about equality and respecting others’ differences. Some pupils reflected the views of others when they confidently told an inspector, ‘It is fine to be different in school’.”
Ofsted, 2019

“Pupils spoken to during the inspection were very positive about the good standards of behaviour in the school.”
Ofsted, 2019

“Students have access to a qualified member of staff to talk about any worries they have associated with sixth-form studies. This access is highly appreciated by students.”
Ofsted, 2019

“Most parents who responded to the Ofsted online survey… said their children feel safe and happy at school.”
Ofsted, 2019


We recognise that good decision making is well informed by both available evidence of what works or is likely to be effective and by the views and needs of key stakeholders. With this in mind we also conduct our own surveys to capture the views of both parents and students. The findings of recent surveys are provided below:


Stakeholder Feedback Date
Parent Survey 2017 2018 01st Jan 2017
Student Survey 2016 2017 01st Jan 2016