Yr 10 Assessment

Year 10 assessment week

Assessment Week

The second assessment week of the academic year for Year 10 will take place on the week commencing 20th February.  We hope that all students will take the assessments seriously and prepare for them by carrying out revision activities at home.  

Please find information below for each subject.  You can see the topics that will be covered on the assessment, the style and duration of the assessment and information on where to find information to help with these topics.  We hope this will assist you in supporting your child with their revision. 

Revision Information Guide

In addition to the specific additional support listed by the departments, every student in the school has access to an online platform called Seneca Learning.  This is a site where students can access revision material and short recall quizzes about specific topics for a wide range of subjects.  This can be accessed at http://www.senecalearning.com  They can sign in using their school e-mail address.  If they have forgotten their password, they can reset it themselves by clicking the “forgotten my password” link on the Seneca site.