Examination and Appeals information

Please find a letter below providing more information about results day and the appeals process at STS in 2021

The STS policy for awarding grades is a unique document for 2021 and shows the processes we created to ensure grades were awarded consistently and fairly. More information about how grades were awarded at STS can be found here.


Appeals 2021


Please note the following deadlines for the submission of appeals: 

  • Stage One 11.00am on Monday 6th September
  • Stage Two 4.00pm on Wednesday 15th September

Please see below the full national guidance from JCQ about the Appeals process in 2021.

JCQ Appeals Guidance

The publications below were released by JCQ on August 6th and provide useful guidance for students.


All Appeal requests must be made using the form below and sent to appeals@sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk

Appeal Request Form


Please remember that there are three outcomes following an appeal:

  • Grade goes down
  • Grade remains the same
  • Grade goes up

Before considering an appeal, it is recommended that students and parents use the links below to view the evidence that was used to determine grades. This may help students decide whether they wish to proceed with an appeal.

All GCSE / Level 2 and A-Level / Level 3 subjects can be found below.