Art & Design (Art, Craft & Design)

Title of qualification achieved at the end of the course

GCSE Art & Design (Art, Craft and Design) (AQA)

What will you learn/How will you be taught?

You will learn to draw, paint and make sculptures, but you will also learn to think, discuss and write about artworks and develop your own ideas.

This is a coursework-based subject so the work that you do in class will count towards your final grade. Teachers will show you how to use techniques and you will practise these and you will get experience in a wide range of different materials. Finally, as well as coursework, you will also complete a project set by the examination board and completed in exam conditions.

By the end of the course you will be creating your own artworks and doing projects that you have designed yourself. You will have practical art skills, but also be able to evaluate images, plan projects and understand the work of others.

Why study this subject?

Art is all about communication. Artists use it to tell others about their ideas and feelings or simply to record what they find interesting in the world. Art allows you to imagine and create your own things. Making art allows us to think about our emotions, opinions, interests and how the world works. It gives you the opportunity to focus on things you find fascinating and show others how you feel. We can use it to impress others, show off our skills or simply make things that we like.

Art provides you with the skills needed in many jobs. If a job involves having a creative opinion, then art skills will help. All the manmade things in the world have been thought about by the people that made them. Fashion design, architecture, film-making, hairdressing, car design, animation and graphics are just some of the professions that need to communicate their ideas, work with colour, draw and explore things. Art gives you the skills to do this.

Art is also an enjoyable activity that can be fun and exciting or relaxing and calming. It’s a great thing to have in your life if you enjoy it.