Key Stage 3 Baccalaureate

In Year 9, students will study one Technology subject and one Arts subject alongside the KS3 Baccalaureate Core Subjects of English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and Languages. For this to happen, they need to choose two Technology subjects and two Arts subject that they could potentially study in Year 9. The school will then allocate all students one of their two chosen Technology subjects and one of their two chosen Arts subjects. Parents will be notified of these allocated subjects in early July 2023.

Please see below an explanatory presentation that will be shown to students, a letter to parents regarding the curriculum for Year 9 in 2023/2024, information regarding the different ‘Specialism’ subjects  and the form through which students can select their KS3 Baccalaureate Specialist subjects.

KS3 Baccalaureate LetterKS3 Baccalaureate Choices FormInformation about Specialisms