Bromcom Parent: MCAS

Bromcom My Child At School MCAS is a new Parent system replacing EduLink.

Bromcom can show you information regarding your child, on homework and attendance and behaviour and more. Overtime this system will improve and develope.

When you receive an email, and the link, it will ask for your email address and to set your password. The email address should be the same one you provided the School during the data collection process. This email address can also be used to retrieve 'forgotten details' on the main Bromcom: MCAS page.

Parent Evening sessions will use a different system, please contact the main office for this information or check Parent Evening section on our website.

Please be patient when contacting the School, these are new systems and it will take time confirming everyone is online.

The School ID is 12918

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Bromcom Advice

Your EduLink details won't work for Bromcom and you can delete the app.

If you're struggling with Bromcom, please make sure you are using the correct details.

  • All legal guardians/parents can potentially have an account (based on the data collection process and parental responsibility and no court order)
  • Your username is unique to you
  • Use a unique password that doesn't contain your username
  • If you forget your password or username, you can follow the 'forgotten login detail' link and use your email address
  • You may need to verify your email address (comes in an email)
  • If you want multiple parent/guardians on the system, please provide all the personal details to the main office (data collection)

To receive a generated code and your account details, contact Network Services by email (please allow a few working days)

The system requires your details and email address on our data system. This is part of the data collection process, contact Please include all your personal and child details.

Why are my personal details out of date?

Parents need to keep the school informed of any changes by emailing:

Please note, it can take a few days for this information to be processed.

Why haven’t I received my Bromcom/MCAS details?

Contact Network Services to be sent your account details.


Is there a way that I can see more functions?

Use of the Bromcom system continues to be developed and additional functions will be activated in due course.

What is the school ID?

The school ID is ‘12918’.

Why have we changed?

Newsletter sent to parents April 2022

Over the Easter break we have changed the software that we use to record all student information.  We used to use SIMs, and now we have moved to Bromcom.  As you are aware, we also use Edulink – Edulink is software that reads information from SIMs, and then makes that information accessible to you and the students.  Via Edulink you could see your child’s attendance, rewards and behaviour records.  When discussing moving to Bromcom we were assured that Bromcom was compatible with Edulink in the same way SIMs was and the service that you, as parents, received would be unaffected.  I am very sorry indeed to inform you that this is not the case.  However, the good news is, Bromcom is much more user friendly and can do what Edulink does directly.  It was always our intention to move away from Edulink and give you direct access to Bromcom to see all the things you could see via Edulink – but our original plan was to do this a bit later once Bromcom was established in school with the staff.  Because we can now no longer use Edulink we will instead be working exceptionally hard to give you and the students access to Bromcom as soon as possible.  This does mean that for a short period of time you will not be able to see your child’s homework, etc, remotely.  But the students do all have log books where they should be writing down all of their homework whenever it is set - and if you have any other queries do please get in touch.  In the meantime, with our apologies, please be reassured we will be working hard to rectify this gap in our service as soon as possible.  Please be on the look out for new log-in details and information about the Bromcom system soon.


Why has my Bromcom stopped working?

Like all IT systems, Bromcom can go offline and is dependent upon other services. Please try again after a short time. Our reception team will be happy to help with any urgent enquiries and students will know from their diary/log book what homework they should be doing.

How do I set up a ParentPay account to pay for school trips, football kit and school meals?

This is not done through Bromcom (yet) and you will need to email:

to set up a ParentPay account.  In due course we hope to set up Bromcom to replace ParentPay.

Why can I only see limited information when I login – some things seem to be missing?

Bromcom is a new system to staff and it will take time to develop it and allow additional information for parents.

Does my child have an account?

Students will gain access in due course. As of May 2022, not all accounts are working.

Can I update my own details on Bromcom?

Yes, you can change certain bits of information but not everything. If you're unable to edit a section, send your details to the main office.

Confirm what details you would like changed and add your full name and child.

Can I report a child absence through Bromcom?

No, not yet anyway.