EduLink is a mobile/web app designed for teachers, parents and students to collaborate effectively. It is an integrated information platform which draws together a range of existing school systems, allowing you to communicate and access information in one place.

Parents and carers of students on our school roll are sent account details by email and can login via the following link:

Log in to Edulink 

The School ID for EduLink is ‘STS’.

The account details that are emailed expire after first usage or after ten days (whichever is the sooner) for security reasons.

At the point of a child’s admission, parents and carers are required to complete a Data Collection Form.  If any of the following information is missing from that form, an email will not be received:

  • confirmation of Parental Responsibility;
  • a current email address.

To provide missing information or to update personal details, please email:

If you have received your account details, but have difficulties in logging in to EduLink, please contact:


The following link will take you to a detailed guide to EduLink, which explains the functions that are available. This includes information on Parents’ Evenings, as time slots are booked through the EduLink system.

View EduLink Parent Guide


Download the EduLink App here:

EduLink for Android​EduLink for IOSEduLink for Amazon Fire



Why are my personal details out of date?

Parents need to keep the school informed of any changes by emailing:

Please note, it can take a few days for this information to be processed.

Why haven’t I received my EduLink details?

Please contact the school to make sure that we have your correct email address.

Why has homework appeared today, when it was set a couple of days ago?

When homework is set, students will be asked to write this in their diary/log book immediately. The EduLink record is intended as a reminder and to show parents what has been asked of their child.

Why is homework not being submitted via EduLink?

This function is used by some staff, but not all, and it continues to be developed. Instructions on submitting homework are given to your child at the time homework is set.

Is there a way that I can see more functions/data?

Use of the EduLink system continues to be developed and additional functions will be activated in due course.

What is the school ID?

The school ID is ‘STS’ and this is highlighted on this web page, within the EduLink Parent Guide and on emails that we send out with regard to EduLink.

There is a big red cross on ‘emergency contact’ in the medical section? Does this mean that you won’t contact us?

Please rest assured that we will contact parents on all serious issues involving their child. The red cross simply relates to data that may not have been collected at the point of admission – it does not affect the care that we give or our communications with you.

Why has my EduLink stopped working?

Like all IT systems, EduLink can go offline and is dependent upon other services.  For example, if Sandwich has a power cut then our entire system may go offline and it can take a while to bring everything back. We would ask you to be patient and wait for a few hours or even until the next day before contacting us. Our reception team will be happy to help with any urgent enquiries and students will know from their diary/log book what homework they should be doing.

How do I set up a ParentPay account to pay for school trips, football kit and school meals?

This is not done through EduLink and you will need to email:

to set up a ParentPay account.  In due course we hope to set up an EduLink function that will enable you to view your ParentPay balance, but this won’t allow you to add money.

Why can I only see limited information when I login – some things seem to be missing?

You are most likely logged in as your child.  If you look at the top of the screen it should say “hello your name”.  If this doesn’t show your name, you need to logout and login with your own username and password, which are unique to you.  

Does my child have an account?

Yes, all students do.  Their username and password matches that used for the school IT system with a two digit number and their name.  For example, if Joe Bloggs joined Year 7 in September 2019, his access code would be 19BloggsJ.

Can I update my own details on EduLink?

Yes, there is an ‘update details’ section, which will send a notification to a member of our staff. It can take a few days for the update to be processed.