Title of the qualification achieved at the end of the course

GCSE French (AQA)

What will you learn/How will you be taught?

Through the course students will learn how to communicate confidently in French on a broad range of topics. They will be able to use the language independently in order to express their own ideas and opinions. Lessons will focus on the four skill areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Opportunities to converse in French will be built into lessons in the form of activities such as role plays and pair work. Through role play students will learn key vocabulary and structures, which will enable them to successfully communicate in French in settings such as booking into a hotel, ordering food at a restaurant and booking train tickets. The ability to do each of these will clearly be of benefit to anyone wishing to travel to a French-speaking country.

Authentic resources will be used where possible in order to increase cultural awareness and understanding. Reading will be extended through using French literary extracts. French music and cinema will also be explored with both being key themes. Students will have the opportunity to write to French native speakers of their own age in order to share and contrast their daily lives whilst improving the level of their written French.

Why study this subject?

Through learning a foreign language students will be able to increase their self-confidence and personal communication skills. France is a culturally rich country, which is held in high esteem for its cuisine, artists, authors and scientists. This course will, therefore, help students to develop a better cultural understanding of the world around them and, in doing so, will broaden their horizons. The world has now become a much smaller place and it is crucial that we are able to communicate effectively with one another.

France is one of Britain’s major trading partners as well as being a popular tourist destination. Able linguists are always in demand and being able to speak French will help you to stand out from the crowd when seeking employment. This is especially the case with a host of local businesses. A language at GCSE is regarded highly by employers and universities alike due to the cognitive skills required to be successful. Being able to speak French is a skill that will serve you throughout your life.