To login to the email system you will need to click on the 'I agree' box to confirm that you will adhere to our published Online Safety and ICT Acceptable Use Policy. A link to this policy is provided below:

Online Safety and ICT Acceptable Use PolicyTo access your email account outside of the school you will need to type the full email address using your school computer username. The password will be the same as your school computer password.

e.g. 20BloggsJ will be


If you get an error while logging on to Outlook Web Access, this usually means you're automatically logged on already. The simplest way to logout is and click the logon button, then make sure you sign out. You can now try the school email.

Attempting to use Outlook App or Outlook? These currently are disabled. You will need to use email through this website.

If you are a parent and require a password reset for your child or you are having technical problems, please contact:

For any queries regarding the work being set, please contact the relevant teacher. A list of email addresses for all key staff is provided below:

Staff Email Addresses