CCCU Mentor Award Nominations for DDS (Dover, Deal and Sandwich Partnership)

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Cantebury Christ Church University Mentor Award Nominations (Secondary)

Our Mentors have worked especially hard to support trainees through this most difficult of years, and we are very proud that so many mentors from the DDS Partnership have been recognised for their work and been nominated in the annual Mentor Awards hosted by Canterbury Christ Church University.

Listed below are the Mentors working in our Partnership and the categories they have been recognised for. 

A very BIG thank you and CONGRATULATIONS to you all!

Approachability Award

A mentor who is welcoming right from the start and always finds the time no matter how busy to talk with the student, whether that's in a mentor meeting, via a WhatsApp chat or for a cuppa in the staffroom!  

Matt Thomas – Dover Girls Grammar School

Tracey Law - Sandwich Technology School

Sarah Bartlett – Dover Girls Grammar School

Patricia King – Dover Girls Grammar School

Helen Ryan - Sandwich Technology School

The Inspirational Mentor Award

A mentor who inspires their student teacher to be the very best teacher they can be.  This mentor is supportive and emphatic, is an excellent teacher and has shared best practice to help their student teacher make real progress.  The full package!

Jessica Langston - Dover Christ Church Academy

Mark Beaman - Sandwich Technology School

The Top Role Model Award

A mentor who is not only a fantastic subject/class teacher, but also acts as a role model across the whole school for pupils, other staff and student teachers alike! They consistently go above and beyond what is asked of them.

Mark Beaman - Sandwich Technology School

Helen Ryan - Sandwich Technology School

Tracey Law - Sandwich Technology School

Professional Mentor Award

An individual who encompasses the full range of mentor attributes, used with skill, kindness and understanding in order to draw out the best of their mentors and student teachers for the best of their pupils.

Ros Krauspe - Astor

Wellbeing – Centred Mentor Award

A mentor with their student teacher’s wellbeing at the heart of their mentoring practice.

Helen Ryan - Sandwich Technology School

Challenges me to be the Best Award

A mentor who is an expert subject/class teacher and supports me to aim to achieve mastery of key approaches to subject/class teaching.

Tracey Law - Sandwich Technology School

Mark Beaman - Sandwich Technology School

Research-Informed Mentor Award

One who reads and explores extensively in relation to teaching and learning and critically engages with this reading.  One who encourages a similar attitude in their student teacher in order to be able to explain their rationale to an

approach to teaching.  Never satisfied with “good enough” but always seeking to inspire their student teacher to “find a better way” for their pupils to learn.  A mentor who always want to know “why”.

Tom Millard - Dover Girls Grammar School

Innovation in Mentoring Award

A mentor who is always willing to push the boundaries when it comes to developing the professional practice of their student teacher.  Whether going behind the camera and using IRIS before deconstructing the findings with the student teacher or role-playing likely scenarios and reflecting on finding, this mentor will let nothing get in the way of student teacher progress.

Jennifer Lee Roberts - Dover Christ Church Academy

April Cribben - Goodwin Academy

Team of the Year Award

A school which encompasses the vision of the partnership.  A school where ITE is valued across the whole school and mentoring is at the heart of practice.  Senior staff support the work of ITE and get involved in the wider aspects of Partnership.

We are especially pleased that the 3 schools nominated in this category are all from the Dover Deal and Sandwich Partnership 2020-21.

Dover Christ Church Academy

Sandwich Technology School

Goodwin Academy

We wish the nominees the very best of luck!