Bromcom Student VLE

Please read these instructions carefully, this first part is for the online version of Bromcom VLE and uses a Microsoft Account which is tied to the Student email address.

Bromcom Student VLE

Step 1) To logon, ignore the username and password box and choose Microsoft Account at the bottom highlighted yellow.

Main Page

The Microsoft screen requires your school email address and computer password e.g.

If using at school, this should automatically logon without the need to type your details (may need to click Microsoft Account twice).

Office Logon Account

No Account Found?

No Account Found

If attempting to use the system at home, please make sure you're not signed in to Microsoft Office. If you get this error at school, please contact Network Services.

For home access, visit the follow Microsoft Office website and click on the sign in button at the top right (highlighted yellow).

Office Website

You will get one of two screens and need to use a different account or sign out.

Office ScreenSIgn Out Office

Now you should be able to sign in to Bromcom VLE with a student email address.

Bromcom App

School ID is 12918 and you will need to use the Magic Link icon to gain access. Fill in your email address and ID, this will send you an email with the details. The Bromcom App access account doesn't match the Microsoft Login for the non App version on the internet.

You can sign in to your email here:

Student EmailIf you're struggling with Bromcom, please make sure you are using the correct details replacing YourUsername with your school logon e.g.

  • Your email address is unique to you
  • Use the password you use for the school computers
  • Your details will work on
  • The EduLink system is now shutdown
  • If you forget your password you can contact Network Services
  • If using a personal address at home to logon office, you might need to logout of the account before using Bromcom
  • Visit and login with your school email address and computer password. If this works, it means your Microsoft account details are correct.