Year 8 option choices

At the end of Year 9, students sit internal examinations and are subsequently awarded the STS Baccalaureate to recognise and acknowledge their progress and acquisition of knowledge throughout Key Stage 3 (KS3). The KS3 Baccalaureate includes one Technology and one Arts subject, which Year 8 students will choose in March 2021 to study in Year 9.

Year 9 option choices

In March 2021, after participating in a programme of information, advice and guidance activities, Year 9 students will choose the GCSE (or equivalent) option subjects that they will study in Key Stage 4.

Additional information

The format and content of the options offer is reviewed on an annual basis in October and full details for 2020/2021 will be posted to this page at that time.

Our Curriculum Statement provides more information about the structure and delivery of subjects within each year group.

Curriculum Statement 2020/2021

There are currently no categories at this moment in time, please check back at a later date.